80 Paleo Recipes

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80 Paleo Recipes

Many ways to start off the new year with healthy eating  and eating Paleo is just one of many.  Aways looking for free and found this new  Paleo recipe book with 80 recipes that is mostly free.

When you ditch bread, pasta, rice, refined cereals, sugary foods, preservatives and additives everything changes.  Remember, those so called foods were NOT part of our diets thousands of years ago and not coincidentally, there were no incidents of heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and other conditions.

But there is a solution, because there is a way to eat an old-fashion diet that promotes good health, high energy, weight loss and disease prevention.  The best part is, it is the easiest and simplest approach to healthy eating you will ever come across and it is one you can maintain over your whole lifetime while enjoying every moment.

There are also the 10 biggest benefits of eating Paleo:

  • You’re eating a CLEAN DIET – without additives, antibiotics, preservatives, artificial ingredients or chemicals…
  • You’re getting the anti-inflammatory benefits from the plant nutrients in fruits, vegetables, oils, nuts, and seeds — dramatically reducing the risk of chronic diseases and conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, etc…
  • It’s low glycemic – doesn’t screw up your blood sugar, keeps fat off your body, keeps you lean…
  • Boosts your energy—no more afternoon fading…
  • Improves gut health — no more bloat, constipation, gas, etc.
  • Your skin glows — hair and nails look great!
  • Your mood improves—anxiety, depression, stress are dramatically reduced…
  • Allergy reduction…
  • Improved immune system…
  • And most people lose significant weight eating this way…

We were going to call this one free but  discovered the shipping and tax charges when we ordered so mostly free.

We will be posting some of the recipes so you could wait for that or just grab your copy of this mostly free (shipping charge and tax) book today and have it in time for the new year!

Here is what the final order looked like when we bought


This a hard cover book that they ship so it’s not completely free in a download and there is a $5.99 shipping charge and we had to pay the $.36 tax.  Still a good buy so we grabbed a copy.

Click on the book for more information.


Paleo Eats

Sharing is Caring!
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