About Those Beans

What About Beans, Resistant Starch, And Weight Loss

Andrew Perlot has a bean pot full of information about beans and resistant starches and how that all plays into your healthy eating plan.

His argument about beans stems from information from plant-based advocates, particularly Joel Fuhrman, who have spread the idea that you should eat lots of beans and legumes because they’re high in resistant starch.

While black beans and lentils are a part of our regular eating regime and don’t seem to be having any negative affects. The idea is that beans have a higher percentage of resistant starch and can help with weight loss by acting more like fiber.

Resistant starch, their line goes, does not get utilized for energy like other types of starch, which means that a lot of a bean’s caloric content passes through you without getting absorbed.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Check out this investigative video and see whether or not it’s worth adding beans to a raw diet to promote weight loss.