4 Fat Burning Fruits To Add to Your Diet

4 Fat Burning Fruits To Add to Your Diet

Don’t mind the parrot he won’t bite but you should be biting into the fruits listed below to help with your fat burning healthy eating plan.
Parrot n Fruits

Summer is coming and a heavy lunch in the heat just doesn’t make you feel like going back to work. Any of these healthy fruits can drive off your mid day or really anytime hunger and not give you the blahs.

There isn’t much of a reason to not eat fruit as part of your healthy eating plan.
True, fruits are high in calories and natural sugar, but not everything is about counting calories.
It makes sense a banana with 100 calories is healthier than a low fat bag of “cookies” that are loaded with chemicals and fake sweeteners.

With that in mind check out the health benefits of these 4 fruits in your healthy eating plan!


You might have been able to tell by the picture Blueberries are one of our favorites.
They work at beating body fat while helping with heart health and the risk of diabetes.
For a real treat try frozen blueberries, it’s like a blueberry popsicle!

Coconuts are a sweet and filling snack that you can use to replace those other junk food cravings.
Try coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut flour, coconut water or unsweetened shredded coconut. Or try adding coconut milk to a cup of coffee for a sweet and tasty treat.

Avocados nutrients have a fat that tell your body to stop spiking blood sugar. When your blood sugar goes up your body will want to store extra fat, and excess fat is something that we all want to get rid of or avoid.

Tomatoes are loaded with Vitamin C and that helps our bodies to burn fat already stored but you have to exercise to get that fat burning to kick in.
Try slicing up a fresh tomato then simply add Sea or Himalayan salt and pepper on top for a vitamin and mineral rich snack.

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