Healthy Black Bean Dinner

Healthy Black Bean Dinner!

Really healthy black bean dinner with the rice and broccoli.  We have made a large pot of the bean mixture and froze it in 2 serving containers for a quick heat up dinner when working late.  Store it flat in quart or half gallon bags and just cut it out of the bag and into the frying pan to heat it up quick.  Wrap up the bean mixture to the HomeMade Corn Tortilla’s with  the Avocado Salsa mmmmm Great Taste!

Healthy Black Bean Dinner  Quick breakdown of carbs and proteins in this dinner.  While at first glance it looks like lots of carbs the entire meal is only 28% of the DV in total carbs and 42% DV of proteins.

Carbs                                      Protein
Beans 41g at   14%              15.2g at 30%
Broccoli 6g at   2%               2.7g at    5%
Rice 36g at      12%               3.7g at    7%
Totals  83g at     28%             21.6g at  42%

If White Rice Doesn’t Do It For You Change To Brown Rice, Quinoa Or Yams!

Need Meat?  Add Your Favorite!

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