Healthy Lifestyle

About That Healthy Lifestyle

Living a Healthy Lifestyle is about choices. Good or bad we all make those choices every day.

There is a recent study that used information from 4,745 people from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

How did things wind up for the people in this study? Lets take a peek.

The researchers looked at just 4 lifestyle habits, not smoking, eating well, exercising and keeping a healthy body fat percentage.

Of those 4,745 people,
72% of adults were nonsmokers
38% ate a healthy diet
47% were a little active
10% had a normal body fat.

The researchers thought the small number of adults with what’s considered normal body fat was a big part of people not being able to hit all 4 healthy living marks.

Just 2.7% of U.S. adults hit all four key parts of living a healthy lifestyle.

Only 10% of the people in the survey had normal body fat but:

16% had 3 of the 4 healthy lifestyle components
37% had 2 of the 4 healthy lifestyle components
34% had 1 of the 4 healthy lifestyle components
11% had 0 of the 4 healthy lifestyle components

Turns out women were more likely to be healthy eaters and nonsmokers but were a little less likely than men to be active.
Right, Tell that to a mom cooking, cleaning, vacuuming, doing laundry and chasing kids around she is not active.

Older adults were more nonsmokers and ate healthy.
They were also more likely to have a high body fat percentage and to be less active.

In many areas having healthy, affordable foods and safe areas to exercise aren’t easy.

If you do have access, lifestyle changes can make a huge change your health outcomes.

Question is do you fit anywhere in this group?

I you think you do then where do you start?

What if anything can you change?

Most Important, Do You Actually Need To Change?


What about these four simple or maybe not so simple changes to make.

Really, No Foolin’ Quit Smoking, For Good
Yes Smoking Is Addictive But Don’t Stop Trying!

Start And Keep An Exercise Routine
It Can Be As Easy As Taking a Walk

Make Your Healthy Eating Changes About Healthy Choices.
You Don’t Have To Be Perfect!

Dump All Sugars
If You Drink Any Sugary Drinks, Just Quit.

Continue Your Exercise Routine and Your Body Fat % Will Go Down Leading To A Healthier You!