Help For Diabetics Using Berberine



Berberine and Metformin For Diabetics

While looking for safe weight loss solutions we found information on Berberine.  This little magician has quite a few good characteristics to help with weight loss, diabetes and cancer treatment for certain types of cancer.  Berberine does helps with weight loss.  While looking into Berberine as a supplement for weight loss and found this conclusion from the National Institutes for Health regarding Prostate Cancer metastasis.

The conclusion was:
We (the doctors who conducted the study) concluded that berberine should be developed as a pharmacological agent for use in combination with other anticancer drug for treating metastatic prostate cancer.
Read the whole article here: 

The most interesting part of this conclusion is the NIH thinks that drug companies should turn this into a pharmacological agent (read that High Dollar) cancer treatment drug when it’s available from Amazon pretty cheap.

We also found one short viewable video from a Dr. who uses berberine in combination with metformin in his treatment of diabetic patients with good results.