Vegan Vegetarian Meal Prep

Vegan/Vegetarian Meal Prep

Even if you are not yet a vegetarian or vegan these meal prep ideas could still work as sides for your healthy eating plan.

No matter what your plans these few are great starters.

No matter your eating plan these combo’s are easy to make ahead, keep well in the refrigerator and they are healthy.

Make ahead foods like:
Beans & Rice
Sweet & Your Choice of White, Yellow or Red Potatoes
Sauté Onions, Cilantro, Red Pepper, Zucchini, Garlic and Mushrooms
(Tip: When sautéing use water instead of oils to keep the natural food flavors)

One bonus with keeping mixed sautéed vegetables is how the flavors have time to blend.

Keep kale, broccoli, spinach or your favorite vegetable in the refrigerator and just add when heating up everything you have pre-prepared.

Spice up your quick start meals with your favorite spices!

Everything you make ahead is just one less step in making a healthy dinner for your family.

One other thing with meal planning is good containers. We use a combination of plastic and glass depending on the foods. The strong flavors garlic and onions etc. go in the glass while rice and potatoes get stored in the plastic.

Planning meals ahead will help keep you on your healthy eating lifestyle and make one more thing to do every day a little easier.

Plan ahead for success!

Check it out!