Hangover Cures

Prevent A Hangover (With Science)

Its New Years Eve and sometimes there is drinking and sometimes it’s a little or too much along with a hangover.  Without being a buzz kill, just a couple of pointers from these scientific reasons for a hangover and how to help video.

How can you tell you have had too much to drink and why do you feel so bad? It’s the acetaldehyde your body formulates causing all those symptoms.


Some things you can do to prevent or if it’s too late help get over a hangover.

1 – Eat heavy foods before you start drinking


2 – Drink a glass of water with each drink with alcohol


3 – Stock up on eggs for breakfast as the l-cysteine help combat hangover symptoms


4 – Stop drinking 1 ½ hours before you plan on gong to sleep


5 – Drink Responsibly!


More Details In The Video