Gain Muscle or Lose Weight:

 Gain Muscle or Lose Weight:

The best part of this recipe is you can easily modify it o gain muscle or loose weight for whatever your needs might be.  

For example, if you want to gain weight you could use whole egg, if you don’t then less sauce and have one whole egg and one egg white.
You can also make the oatmeal separate, add sesame seeds, raw coconut oil (organic) and ginger, and then using a little coconut oil lightly cook spinach and add the eggs.

There a couple problems with this recipe.
1. You really need to soak the oats overnight like in our overnight oatmeal recipe to make the oats more digestible and get the nutritional value.
2. Get rid of the cooking spray and use coconut oil or organic butter.
3. Use either sea or himalayan salt for the essential minerals we all need.

Otherwise this tastes great and with all the protein you really get a morning boost.

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