Pea Based Milk – More Than a Ripple

High Protein Pea Milk – More Than a Ripple

Over a third of our kids are overweight or obese, 70% are Vitamin D deficient and 60% don’t get enough calcium. The stats aren’t much better for adults.

To try to help with this health crisis we need highly nutritious foods that are delicious enough to appeal to everyone, not just the greenies or the health gurus.

Ripple co-founders Adam and Neal wanted to make a dairy free milk substitute high in protein, low in sugar, loaded with nutrition and delicious. Ripple has no thin, chalky almond/ soy/ cashew milk taste.

To help more people with their healthy lifestyle they knew it would have to taste great. Another goal was to be more eco friendly than cows milk production. Ripple helps making the choice as easy as pouring a delicious glass of their new milk type product.

Recipe From Instagram:
Breakfast Smoothie

Ripple has 8x the protein of almond milk and half the sugar of dairy milk. It’s high in bioavailable calcium (50% more than milk), potassium and provides a good source of omega-3s.
It’s lower in calories than milk and best of all, it has the creamy, delicious texture our dairy-free friends are missing. No more thin, chalky almond/ soy/ cashew milk.

Basic Nutritional Information
8 grams of protein
0 sugar
more calcium than milk
vitamin D and Iron

1 cup 2% milk – 293 mg of calcium
1 cup Ripple – 450 mg of calcium

This new pea protein milk come in 4 flavors, original, original un-sweetened, vanilla and chocolate and will be available on Los Angeles Whole Foods stores with plans for expansion.

From Instagram:
On the Shelf at Whole Foods, California

Adam and Neil wanted to do this right so Ripple is a registered and certified Benefit Corporation. They use only natural ingredients and the bottles are made of only 100% post-consumer recycled plastic that is 100% recyclable.

Currently this product is going to be available in Los Angeles Whole Foods and Target stores May2, 2016 with plans to go nationwide through 2016. Be on the lookout in your local stores.


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